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The Ultrapac 2000 from Donaldson Australasia

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article image Donaldson Australasia Ultrapac 2000 adsorption dryer

Donaldson Australasia  simplifies clean dry compressed air delivery for critical processes and equipment with the Ultrapac 2000.

Suiting applications across a vast range of industries that depend on high quality compressed air, the compact and modular Ultrapac 2000 adsorption dryer reduces downtime and lowers operating costs with easy installation, set-up and on going maintenance.

Typical Ultrapac 2000 applications include:

  • Laser cutting systems
  • Beverage bottling
  • Dental laboratories
  • Packaging machines
  • Rail vehicles
  • Optical measuring systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Myriad of pneumatic equipment
The Ultrapac 2000 purification system includes:
  • Pre-filter
  • Dryer
  • After-filter
  • Control system
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • Silencer as part of the off-the-shelf unit
The technology of the Ultrapac 2000 adsorption dryers have an ease of use installation and serviceability and their pre-filter removes solids and condensate (oil/water mixture) up to residual oil content 0.03 ppm. An adsorption dryer next in line absorbs moisture in the compressed air up to a pressure dewpoint of -40°F.

To add, the desiccant sealed cartridge provides minimum desiccant abrasion and long service life. After the desiccant bed, the ‘after’ filter removes any residual particles down to a very small size.

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