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Prime mover engine brakes silenced

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article image Patented system of resonators and acoustic chambers.

DONALDSON Australasia has released a new muffler system that allows trucks to use engine brakes in virtual silence compared to what is achievable with standard equipment.

Donaldson Silent Partner uses a patented system of resonators and acoustic chambers to reduce engine brake noise by up to 75 percent compared to a standard muffler, allowing trucks to stay well within State and federal noise regulations while providing a much quieter cab for drivers

Effectively, by using the product, every truck driver is in a position to use engine brakes as often as possible. Because noise output is almost non-existent, this can be done in urban areas.

Furthermore, with increased scope to use the engine brake system, mechanical braking systems are put under less stress thereby reducing wear and tear and vastly reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Available in stainless steel (or aluminised steel for economy) the product is easily retrofitted to most single and dual vertical muffler systems and carries an eight year, 1.6 million kilometre guarantee from the manufacturer.

As an example of the product's positive effect, regular engine braking noise is reduced to that of common acceleration noise. But Silent Partner does not increase back pressure or reduce the effectiveness of engine braking.

Because back pressure levels are maintained according to the truck builder's requirements, there is no sacrifice in the performance of the truck, engine or the engine brake.

Donaldson Silent Partner has finely tuned components arranged specifically to reduce as much as possible the frequencies that cause noise factor. Essentially, these components simply shape the noise profile of the engine brake, hence the back pressure is not brought into play, and fuel economy is not impacted.

Donaldson Silent Partner has a heavy gauge construction for long life, dual outlet resonators for flow and special noise reduction, acoustal chamber design, a tuned bell mouth for smooth, and low restriction exhaust flow.

Acoustic material is compressed with permashield protection, diesel condensation leaks are reduced with an anti-drip ring, and overall strength is secured by two inlet baffles.

Most standard mufflers on the following brand lines can be retrofitted with Silent Partner: AP parts, Acrafit, Donaldson, Dynaflex, Ex Air, Nelson, Riker, Stemco, and Walker.

As part of its testing procedure for the product, Donaldson logged nearly two million kilometres of on-road testing with a range of vehicle/engine combinations.

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