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Donaldson offers a complete line of hydraulic filter heads and housings for low, medium, and high-pressure applications – in the factory and on-heavy-duty mobile equipment.

Spin-ons and cartridges are available in a wide range of filter medias.

Low Pressure Filtration – Maximum operating pressure <350 psi (24 bar)

Low pressure filters are the most commonly used type of filter in hydraulic circuits, used most often in return line applications.

Donaldson low pressure filters are rated for working pressures up to 350 psi (2400 kPa). In-tank and in-line configurations are available to accommodate virtually any application.

Medium Pressure Filtration – Maximum operating pressure <2,000 psi (138 bar)

Medium pressure filters can be used in applications up to 2000 psi  (13790 kPa). Donaldson offers both spin-on and in-line cartridge style filters.

Donaldson Duramax filters are the highest rated medium pressure spin-on filters available. Duramax filters are proven, reliable, long-lived and easy to install.

High Pressure Filtration – Maximum operating pressure <6,500 psi (450 bar)

High pressure filters are positioned between pumps and critical components such as cylinders, motors and valves. They help protect these critical components from catastrophic failure.

Donaldson heavy-duty high pressure filters are rated for working pressures up to 6,500 psu (44818 kPa). Various porting sizes and types, including manifold style are available for a wide range of applications.


Accessories for hydraulic circuits, lines and reservoirs that will help you maintain proper ISO cleanliness levels.

  • Filter Service Indicators
  • Hydraulic Line Accessories – Pressure gauges, hoses and test points, flanges and valves
  • Reservoirs Accessories – Suction strainers, diffusers, sight and level gauges, breathers


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