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Company Focus: Optimise space and airflow management with Donaldson Australasia's dust and fume collectors

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article image A PowerCore TG Series collector used to capture dust and fumes from plasma cutting

For almost 100 years Donaldson has provided manufacturers with a variety of advanced and reliable dust, fume and mist collectors that assist in increasing manufacturing efficiencies while providing a cleaner environment for employees.

The company notes that maximising efficiency and ensuring employees are at their peak is beneficial to manufacturing productivity and the bottom line, providing long term value to a business rather than short term savings.

In this series, we will look at Donaldson's core product offering while highlighting the proprietary technology that has made the company a leader in the field of dust, fume and mist collection.

PowerCore dust collectors

PowerCore dust collectors are designed to satisfy the need in the manufacturing industry for:

  • better filtration
  • reduced operational cost
  • a smaller footprint; and
  • easier maintenance.
PowerCore dust collectors are 50 to 70 per cent smaller than traditional collectors, making them a more cost efficient option as less steel and oil is required in their manufacture and transport.

They feature clean-side filter pack access and lighter filter packs, allowing for fast and easy filter changes without the need for tools or filter cages. An optimized airflow management system delivers optimal pulse cleaning while minimising airflow restriction.

As they are smaller than traditional collectors, PowerCore collectors can also potentially eliminate the need for complicated ductwork or a large, energy consuming central dust collection system. This allows manufacturers to optimise space on the plant floor while containing costs.

Integral to the dramatic size reduction of PowerCore collectors is the technology incorporated into the media they use. PowerCore filter packs combine Ultra-Web nanofiber technology with Donaldson’s media configuration expertise. As a result, a more effective filtration area is packaged into smaller spaces.

One PowerCore filter pack can replace multiple cartridge or bag style filters, providing high performance with a low pressure drop.

Donaldson's cartridge collectors

As the inventor of the cartridge collector, Donaldson has been at the forefront of the development of this technology. The company's cartridge collectors are engineered to capture the broad spectrum of dust particles that can inhibit production environments, enhancing productivity and manufacturing efficiency.

The media technology that underpins Donaldson's cartridge collectors is Ultra-Web, a nanofiber media that has been proven in real world applications for 30 years.

The company notes that this media delivers:

  • longer filter life
  • cleaner air; and
  • greater savings.
A complete line of Ultra-Web cartridge filters are available, all of which have been engineered to last twice as long or more than commodity cellulose and cellulose/synthetic (80/20) blend medias.

Ultra-Web surface loading technology is scientifically proven to provide a lower operating pressure drop over a longer period of time, which allows the filter to last longer while requiring less energy.

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