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FACTORIES and engineering workshops - whether they are ageing or new - often turn to expensive rebuilding if water leaks develop in brick or concrete walls.

Envelon 2000 from Dominion Plastics provides a low cost alternative because it is a water-based membrane that is applied directly onto a surface, and dries quickly.

It is equally effective on concrete, bricks, under tiles and on plaster walls, and is totally seam-free and washable.

Potentially dangerous asbestos roofing can be 'encapsulated' by the product to nullify any possible threat.

This internally plasticised, high build, high solids, water-based co-polymer has a heavy viscosity that provides a heavy duty protective membrane where permanent flexibility is required - either on internal or external applications.

Envelon 2000 provides a permanently flexible and highly water resistant skin that allows normal structural movement in buildings, both on walls and roofing.

It has 62% volumetric solids for walls or facades, either on concrete or plaster, and it covers sealing defects encountered as a result of ageing.

Weathering properties are excellent, and the product's ability to withstand solvents is high.

It also possesses good chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and withstands water in most conditions.

Excellent results with Envelon 2000 have been achieved in the waterproofing of roofs.

A total seal is easily achieved on concrete wall proofing especially on vertical walls, for hairline cracks and blowholes, on bricks that require sealing.

Application temperature range is 10°C - 30°C, with film service range 0 - 90°C cured. Minimum film forming temperature is 1°C, while flexibility remains very high throughout the film service temperature range.

Envelon 2000 can be applied in various ways: rolling, brushing or spraying. When spraying the product, it can be applied either by conventional spraying equipment or airless spray, with most efficient application achieved with airless spray.

Envelon 2000 is white in colour, has one component and thins and cleans with clean water.

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