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article image The LP3100 board.

THE LP3100 SBC from Z-World operates internally at 3.3V or 5V, and consumes as little as 11mA. Anywhere power is limited, the LP3100 is perfect for reliable operation in portable, hand-held, or remote battery-powered systems.

The LP3100 is equipped with 20 digital I/O lines, 4 conditioned 12-bit analog input channels, 2 serial channels, 512k Flash memory, a real-time clock with calendar, and an LPBus expansion port.

The LPBus port facilitates the addition of user-designed expansion boards for use with the LP3100.

The LP3100 has a sleep mode that shuts down the unit to conserve power. Sleep mode, under software control, reduces current consumption to 200µA. Normal operating mode can be restored by the real-time clock, by an interrupt from the LPBus, or from a digital input.

The four conditioned 12-bit analog inputs interface to a wide variety of sensors.

The offset and gain resistors may be changed for each analog channel, and eight of the 20 digital I/O lines are bidirectional. Four lines are dedicated inputs; eight lines are dedicated outputs.

The real-time clock/calendar allows time-date stamping of critical data.

Daylight savings time and leap year compensation are user programmable, making the LP3100 suitable for remote applications. In addition, the LP3100 has a large flash memory, making it useful for data logging.

The LP3100 tool kit includes a reference manual with schematics, programming cable, ac adapter, prototyping board, 2 x 20 LCD, 40-pin female connector housing with pre-crimped wires, battery kit, and mounting plate. Dominion Electronics 02 9906 6988.

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