Embedded Single Board Computers with Multiple I/O options


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Perfect to meet current and future requirements, Rabbit Single Board Computers are equivalent to programmable logic controllers but at a fraction of the price. With many input and output options, these SBCs are ideal for driving latches, motors and solenoids.

Single Board Computer Systems to Minimise Development Time
Saving nearly 50% in development time, Rabbit's embedded computer boards ensure faster time to market with the integration of hardware and software.
  • Samples and libraries included 
  • Includes on board RIO chip 
  • I/O options include A/D and D/A, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 
  • Wireless and wired connectivity (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, ZigBee or Ethernet) 
  • Flexible Embedded Web Server allows greater control and monitoring 
  • Remotely update firmware wired or wirelessly 
Digi Wired/Wireless Core Modules providing Seamless Migrations
Most Digi wired and wireless modules provide a seamless migration path to a fully integrated System on Chip solution. Digi plug and play firmware, NET+OS®, Digi Embedded Linux®, Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE 6.0, and Microsoft .NET Micro Framework support and royalty free Digi development tools are all available from Dominion Electronics. Dominion Electronics information and contact details

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12/09/11 - Developed by Lippert and now supplied by Dominion Electronics, QM57 embedded computer modules provide COM Express Type 2 module customers with a newer, more powerful processor generation.
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30/05/11 - SLCD5+ serial embedded LCD controller boards, manufactured by Reach Technology and now available from Dominion Electronics, enable users to quickly incorporate SCGA colour touch screens into products.
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15/07/10 - Lippert are currently developing Hurricane QM57 single board computers for the automotive industry that will be made available from Dominion Electronics.
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