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RFID enabled document management solution from Docuspace

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article image DocuTrack3000 - Hosted Edition

Docuspace's  partner Intensecomp has released an online RFID enabled document management solution, DocuTrack3000 - Hosted Edition.

DocuTrack3000 - Hosted Edition is an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) that uses the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track the movement and location of printed documents and files.

This enables organisations to manage, secure and control the distribution of electronic documents over the internet and printed documents via RFID, and it is all delivered via your web browser.

DocuTrack3000 is ideal for telecommuters and mobile work forces. Project teams located in different cities, states and countries can work collaboratively on project development without having to access the company’s computer network.

And printed documents moving between different locations can be tracked so you will always know the document’s custodian and whereabouts.

RFID document tracking

Using RFID to track documents is not new, but delivering this functionality via the internet is. Just plug the RFID reader into the USB port on your computer, place the document or file that has been tagged (with an RFID tag) on the reader and click scan. The document is recorded as checked in or out along with its location or custodian, respectively.


DocuTrack3000 can be deployed in one of two ways. Either as a remotely hosted online system, or locally hosted within your business.

The remotely hosted solution provides significant benefits for many businesses because no investment is required for new hardware or software. DocuTrack3000 is available via any computer connected to the internet running Windows or Linux that supports a web browser. DocuTrack3000 requires no other software to run.

Other features include:

  • Strictly controlled document access
  • 256 bit AES file encryption
  • Version control
  • Escalating approval requests
  • Share documents via e-mail without sending attachments
  • Link documents to your web site
  • Document retention periods with alerts

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