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THE rise of China as a world factory has changed the global sourcing structure so significantly that many companies have had to cope with a more than 100% increase in import volumes over the past five years.

The new manufacturing and sourcing structure requires companies to redesign their global supply chains because the supply chains out of China are often challenging.

Common issues are:

* Supplier identification.

* Customs regulations.

* Product quality.

* Delivery lead time reliability.

* IT integration.

* Shipping quality.

* Transport lead times.

In dealing with these problems western companies often get stuck due to language and cultural problems.

SMEs especially have difficulties solving problems with their suppliers, but even the big retail chains suffer from structural problems within the Chinese logistics market, e.g. the lack of standards in the Chinese transport market that makes it difficult to deal with smaller suppliers from the less developed areas of China.

Do-logistics Consulting , with its three offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou), and the Australian office, is able to help jump those supply chain hurdles in China.

Do-logistics consultants are native Chinese who were educated in the West and have worked in the western world for a long time, or are experienced western Supply Chain Experts who have worked in China.

They know both worlds, speak both languages, and know both cultures.

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