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DMF now distributing Efaflex high speed freezer doors

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DMF International introduces a new range of high speed freezer doors from Efaflex designed for the extreme environment of the deep freeze industry. DMF International is the exclusive and licensed agent for German company Efaflex, one of the largest global manufacturers of high speed doors.

The new Efaflex TK100 deep freezer high speed roll doors are uniquely designed to address the challenge of ice formation, common in this type of application. Any air flow around a freezer door will cause ice to develop, resulting in operational problems.

The Efaflex TK100 features an almost hermetic seal against the opening when in the closed position; combined with the heater elements within the door columns and the door blade, any potential for ice formation is eliminated.

The door blade is 100mm thick insulated lath, thermally separated, providing a U value as low as 0.74W/m2K, and making the door ideal for backing onto temperatures as low as -30°C. Key features of Efaflex TK100 high speed freezer doors also include impressive 2m/sec speed; full safety sensors included as standard; and emergency opening achieved by a quick hand lever. 

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