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Dust elimination for the food industry

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article image There are powerful health reasons to remove dust.

THE Nederman filterbox, available from Edward Keller , manages air pollution by dust extraction at the source.

It has been developed to satisfy criteria for a flexible solution and for reliable operation. The Nederman Filterbox can be mounted in any convenient place, on the wall, on the floor, etc, or can be supplied as a mobile unit.

A Nederman original extractor arm, with or without an extension hood can be connected directly to the filterbox. The extractor arms are available in various lengths to enable dust removal right at the point of generation.

By means of ducts, multiple extractor arms can be utilised with an appropriately sized Nederman filterbox. The Nederman filterbox is also available in stainless steel.

There are powerful health reasons to remove dust from the workplace.

According to Swedish research as well as other industrial hygiene research, there is sufficient epidemiological evidence to point to the necessity for dust Capture At Source (CAS).

A survey of more than 2900 bakers in Sweden indicated the incidence of asthma forcing a change in job environment for them was two and a half times higher than for the control groups.

Not only that, a surprisingly high number of personnel working in flour-laden atmospheres had other respiratory complaints, in particular nasal conditions, sufficient in severity to force them to leave the industry.

Cereal and chocolate manufacture, for example, also requires 'Capture At Source' process dust removal. Typically dust particles with diameters as small as 1 micron can take up to 16 hours to settle some few metres.

Yet particles in the range of 0.4 to 10 micron are easily inhaled and retained by the human body, making dust elimination a high health priority.

The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission says in its publication 'Atmospheric Contaminants', that "inhalation is the most significant route of entry by which harmful substances enter the human body".

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