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disto.com.au  specialises in offering a wide range of electronic applications. Electronic applications from disto.com.au are of premium quality. Laser distance meters from disto.com.au are highly durable and reliable. disto.com.au offers distance meters which have very high performance. disto.com.au offers the world’s smallest laser distance meters. These distance meters from disto.com.au are multi-functional. Laser meters from disto.com.au offers quick, simple and reliable measurements.

disto.com.au offers Leica distance meters with absolute accuracy. These laser meters determine angles quickly and easily. Distance meters from disto.com.au can easily tilt to suit varying applications. disto.com.au offers laser distance meters with integrated tilt sensors. Integrated tilt sensors from disto.com.au offer horizontal distance measurements. Another sensor in the laser distance meter automatically detects the lighting conditions and switches of keypad and display illumination.

Distance meters from disto.com.au are suitable for tile measurements. These laser meters are available with multifunctional end piece. disto.com.au offers tilt sensors which aid in measuring the horizontal distances. disto.com.au offers easy measurement of slots, corners and edges. Laser distance meters from disto.com.au are also available with automatic keypad and display illumination. disto.com.au also offers various other multiple functions which include calculations of volumes, areas, various Pythagorean functions and room dimensions.

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