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Spear tops and lion posts from Discount Hardware Products

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Discount Hardware Products  offers aluminium spear tops, lion posts and caps. The range of caps includes square caps, plastic caps, flat plastic caps, domed plastic caps and round plastic caps.

Discount Hardware Products offers lion posts which include components such as base plates, 4-hole post foots, imported posts and capital. DHPLION is an imported post capital which measures 1555 x 230 millimetres. Discount Hardware Products provides post capital and aluminium post capital products. Aluminium post capitals are available in three models that measure 125 x 125, 100 x 100 and 90 x 90 millimetres in size.

Discount Hardware Products offers fencing accessories that include pad bolts, steel and zinc plated rings, aluminium rings, steel scrolls and aluminium scrolls. Pad bolts are available in 100 and 150 millimetres short shoots. Aluminium rings are available in dimensions of 8 x 78mm, 8 x 82mm, 8x90mm, 8x100mm, 10 x 82mm, 10 x 90mm and 10 x 100mm. Steel scrolls from Discount Hardware Products measure 220 x 85 millimetres and aluminium scrolls measure 220 x 85 millimetres in size. In addition to offering spear tops, lion posts and caps, Discount Hardware Products also provides a wide range of aluminium, steel and plastic fencing accessories.

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