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Disc-Go-Devil disc scratch remover from Discstation

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Renting a DVD movie is all about pure escapism, and people are renting an experience, not just a plain old DVD disc. There is an analogy that watching an exciting new release DVD movie is like riding a rollercoaster.

If a DVD movie stops or freezes, skips, becomes pixilated, or the sound track goes silent midway through watching, it is same as if a rollercoaster stops mid-ride, the whole experience is ruined, and the moment is lost forever.

Watching a scratched DVD is a show-stopper for many DVD rental store customers, so in today’s competitive shopping environment it is crucial for DVD video stores to install and use a disc scratch removal machine, so that they can keep all DVDs and game discs maintained in a scratch-free condition.

A modern DVD rental store requires a disc cleaner and polisher that can be used to clean and polish the hundreds of discs per week that get scratch damaged while out on hire. Typically, a video store will need to be able to repair 600-800 (or more) discs per month, so the disc scratch repair machine must be quick and easy to use, with a low cost per disc scratch repaired.

Discstation ’s Disc-Go-Devil disc scratch repair machine is a good choice for disc scratch removal, and maintenance of the movie playability, of all types of DVDs and optical discs that a DVD rental store will have on their shelves. The Disc-Go-Devil features a disc scratch repair time of 2 minutes per disc, or 30 discs per hour so it can easily keep up with even the largest video stores disc scratch removal requirements.

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