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Disc-Lock provide DISC-LOCK Washer with interlocking cams

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The DISC-LOCK Washer from Disc-Lock is specifically designed to solve the problem of fastener failure. It is a heavy duty structural self-locking product, which prevents loosening caused by shock or vibration in high stress applications. It is an effective locking device for maintaining joint integrity.

The working principle behind the DISC-LOCK Washer is simple. It consists of two washer-shaped pieces, which have inclined cams on one side and a series of ridges on the other. On installation the two cam sides are mated together and placed between the nut and the joint material.

Under vibration, the nut will attempt to rotate loose. The angle of the cams is greater than the pitch angle of the thread on the bolt. So, the interlocking cams and the non-slip ridges of the DISC-LOCK Washer work together to create a jamming effect.

This effect prevents loosening and further locks the assembly, thereby maintaining joint integrity. The DISC-LOCK Washer is not only a vibration-proof locking device but also a heavy duty structural locking device recommended for the most stressful applications.

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