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Machining services from Dimitriou Fabrications

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Dimitriou Fabrications  provides one-stop shop for varied requirements of heavy fabrication and machining services. Dimitriou Fabrications offers machining services from CNC milling and turning to large capacity horizontal and vertical boring. The machine shop area of Dimitriou Fabrications exceeds 1500 sq.meters.

Dimitriou Fabrications performs repetitious and precision machining effortlessly through the new CNC lathe and machine centre. Dimitriou Fabrications directly imports CAD/CAM files to ensure pin point accuracy and quality. The machining facilities of Dimitriou Fabrications cover milling, turning and horizontal boring requirements.

Dimitriou Fabrications consists of SCHIESS vertical borer, ASQUITH floor borer, horizontal borer machines, CNC lathe, CNC machining centre, milling machines, radial drills, cold saw and Parkinson bandsaw. The SCHIESS vertical borer from Dimitriou Fabrications has 4,800mm diameter turning, 2,800mm height and 60 tonne turning capacity. ASQUITH floor borer offered by Dimitriou Fabrications consists of 20 tonne capacity and 4,500mm height.

Dimitriou Fabrications makes continuous investment in complementary and large capacity equipment. This ensures quality all round service and product to be offered by the company. The investment on large capacity equipment along with experienced workforce helps Dimitriou Fabrications to achieve high standards.

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