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Zebra coolant maintenance manual released by Dimac Tooling

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Dimac Tooling has announced the release of the Zebra coolant maintenance manual, which has been designed for use by machine shop operators, providing useful information and advice on all aspects of coolant management and maintenance.

Dimac Tooling Director Paul Fowler notes that “machining coolant (or metalworking fluid) maintenance is still considered an art in many machine shops. Smart users know that well maintained cutting fluids can last for years, not weeks or months.”

The manual, he explains, introduces readers to the basic elements of getting the most out of a coolant sump system. This can reduce the time spent mixing and measuring coolants, and can save users money by minimising the amount of coolant concentrate required in the system.

The Zebra coolant maintenance manual contains information for first timers, and detailed information for advanced users, providing a solid foundation for intensive research.

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