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The EZset tool presetter for CNC machines available from Dimac Tooling

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article image The EZset tool presetter features an ergonomic space saving, storage table for all of its accessories

The EZset tool presetter from Dimac Tooling has been manufactured as a solution for the accurate measuring of tools prior to machining. The new presetter quickly and efficiently measures, checks for tolerances and enables adjustments without interruption to the production of the CNC machine.

The EZset tool presetters features image controller and three in one functions, for measuring, inspecting and setting cutting tools with ease. Additionally they are designed to print a label for each tool showing measurements and this information can also be stored on the machine, delivering reliable and consistent results.

The EZset range is available in three models, to suit varying operation sizes. The tool presetters are designed with a space saving table that stores all of their accessories. They are simple to install, use and maintain, with features including:

  • Bosch pneumatics,
  • THK guideways,
  • Heidenhain glass scales (in X and Z with 1um resolution),
  • circulated ball bearings for smooth running,
  • ergonomic space saving, storage table,
  • adapter tray,
  • utensil tray,
  • label printer,
  • 6.5" TFT monitor,
  • 3 levels of control, and
  • optional data output packages for transferring data between tool presetter to CNC machine.
To operate the tool is placed into the tool holder. The optical head, containing power LEDS, CMOS camera and transmitted light receptor can then be positioned and moved using the one hand punch button. Dynamic crosshairs are visible on the monitor and automatically move to the cutting edge to measure the tool.

The counter mode of the tool presetter can be easily switched between absolute, differential and chain measurement modes for ease and flexibility to gauge any step or angle. The tool presetters are suitable for a range of applications including edge inspection and zero point monitoring.

They offer easy measurement of:

  • length,
  • diameter,
  • radius,
  • cutting edge angle 1,
  • cutting edge angle 2,
  • axial run out, and
  • radial run out.

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