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Dimac Tooling leads the way in machine tool accessories at Austech 2012

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article image The Dimac Tooling stand at Austech 2012
Machine tool accessories specialist Dimac Tooling showcased a wide range of products at Austech 2012 held recently in Sydney.
Over 500 visitors visited the Dimac Tooling stand to discuss a range of manufacturing, tooling and production opportunities with Dimac’s sales team.
Dimac Tooling exhibited a wide range of fixtures, vices, chucks and accessories on the stand, including the Kitagawa TJ series trunnion rotary table, which puts 5-axis capabilities well within the reach of the average job shop. The new Cooljet medium-pressure coolant system also attracted attention from visitors.
Dimac’s Martin Barber explained that the company had been selling high-pressure coolant systems, which boosted coolant pressure to 70bar (1000psi) for several years, and have now added the medium-pressure coolant systems featuring a fixed coolant flow of 30l/min (8gpm) at 20bar (300psi).
He adds that while high-pressure coolant systems are a popular accessory for CNC machine tools, many of the earlier machine tools can’t accept high-pressure coolant. The standalone medium-pressure unit from Cooljet can be retrofitted to most machines without modifications.
Visitors to Dimac’s stand were also able to experience how clear visibility of the machining process can increase their productivity, especially during intensive coolant use. Since modern machines prevent the door from being opened during operation for safety reasons, a so-called windscreen wiper or spin window, which cleans the window by centrifugal forces provides visibility into machines with coolant system pressures of up to 80bar, such as those found on through-tool coolant delivery systems. The spin window comes standard with carbon-coated glass for resistance to chip activity and low maintenance cost.
According to Dimac Director, Paul Fowler, Austech provided an excellent platform for the company to interact with existing and potential customers, which justified the tremendous effort the whole team put into organising the exhibition.

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