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COOLJET High Pressure Coolant System Supplied by Dimac Tooling Extends Tool Life

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On-demand high pressure coolant systems from COOLJET and supplied by Dimac Tooling offer several benefits for tools and applications.  

Tool life is significantly extended after applying the high pressure coolant.  

COOLJET high pressure coolant system finds application in drilling, grooving, boring, cutting of hard metals with high nickel content and small tooling applications.  

During the metal cutting processes, significant heat is generated on the tool or workpiece interface from friction. Excessive friction and heat can be detrimental to the tool and the workpiece.  

For instance:

  • Tools may fail prematurely due to wear and thermal shock or chipping.
  • Dimensional variations in the workpiece may occur due to thermal growth from friction heat or work hardening of surface.
  • Surface finishes may also degrade from material tearing with reduced lubrication.
  • Typical flood coolants deliver relatively low pressures (up to 200psi) to the cutting zone. Cutting fluids tend to boil away or vaporise before penetrating the critical high temperature cutting area and may not even reach the friction zone.

How COOLJET high pressure coolant systems function  

COOLJET high pressure coolant systems produce an ultra-high pressure coolant supply by pumping coolant through small orifice tools or nozzles to deliver an acute high velocity jet stream, which penetrates the friction zone between the cutting edge and workpiece. This action provides superior lubrication, cooling and chip removal.  

Key advantages of the COOLJET system include workpiece quality, reduced process time and extended tool life.  

Advantages also include:

  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Longer tool life
  • Improved surface finishes
  • Improved chip control
  • Reduced number of processes

The on-demand coolant system pumps cutting fluids at pressures of 1000psi (70 bar) or more, accurately directed to the cutting zone through an appropriate nozzle. The resultant jet stream of coolant is able to penetrate the high temperature cutting zone, delivering vital lubricants to the cut.  

Temperatures are drastically reduced when using the UltraFlex coolant system due to the reduced friction. The coolant system also effectively forces chips away from the cutting area especially in deep hole drilling or pocket machining.  

Key features:

  • Provides a high degree of flexibility
  • Ideally suited for large size tooling and multi-turret machines
  • Delivers high and low pressure to each turret independently
  • Variable flow ‘Pump on Demand’ feature gives the assurance of constant pressure in the tools in use
  • Consists of a number of models from the MINI series through to the UltraFlex to offer a system to suit specific needs 

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