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Free digital signage software from Digital Recall.

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Free digital signage software for the online control of a network of screens is now available from Digital Recall .

Digital Recall advises that there are already many in use all over the world. Testimonials are available on their website.  

Facing outside or inside, digital signage showing high impact moving adverts is a proven way of increasing sales & brand awareness.

Digital Recall's free digital signage software:

  • Controls from 1 to multiple locations online
  • Can have single or multiple screens at each location
  • Can schedule different content at different locations
  • Can schedule content to change at specified intervals

With Digital Recall's free digital signage software you can use your own equipment - Full Setup-instruction provided on website.  

Digital Signage Content: Don’t know where to get adverts made or it’s too expensive and you don’t have the time?

Using Digital Recalls’ online custom-advert-creation services, it’s easier & cheaper than having a printed poster made.

And a moving advert is much more effective.

To give you ideas, they have advert-samples on their website, as well as pricing and a simple ordering system.  

No more “print clutter” - Say goodbye to costly (and messy) printed material all over the place.  

Great for every business. Great to promote Specials; New arrivals; Up-sell & add-on products; Franchise opportunities; Special services etc.

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