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New automatic pressure controllers from DH-Budenberg

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DH-Budenberg now offer a range of automatic pressure controllers. Features of the automatic pressure controllers include:

  • The automatic pressure controllers offer an accuracy of 0.01% of full scale
  • The automatic pressure controllers  may be supplied as single or dual scale models
  • The controllers feature ranges up to 100 bar absolute or gauge, with a 210 bar version available soon 
  • This automatic pressure controller can be fitted with up to two sensors
  • These controllers can be interchanged rapidly with any other sensor in the range which means that only the sensor itself needs to be sent away for calibration, reducing downtime and transportation cost
  • The pressure on the controller is controlled with fast response solenoid-type regulators
Models MC1 and HC1 are high speed, high accuracy pressure controllers designed to provide reliable and dependable service in the most demanding industrial environments. Pressure is measured with a high accuracy SMART pressure sensor, using the latest digital compensation techniques. The HC1 model is specially designed to be coupled with DH-Budenberg DPG Series in order to provide a high accuracy pressure regulator. The unit incorporates an 8 digit display in a large 6.4” colour touch screen for speed, simplicity and ease of operation. 

Specifications of the automatic controllers:

  • Pressure ranges up to 21 MPa (210 bar) gauge or absolute Accuracy ≤ 0.01% of scale Control Precision ≤0.005% Colour touch screen for optimum control Temperature compensation 15 to 35 deg C Volume under test 50 to 500 cm3 Local and remote Computer operation.
  • Fast generation speed down to 10 seconds.
  • Leak compensation ability. IEEE-488 and RS232 communication ports. 

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