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Pallet Wrapping Machinery
DFC Packaging Machinery specialise in pallet wrapping machines, including Manual, semi-automatic and Fully automatic pallet wrapper models.

DFC Packaging (Machinery) can supply both standard break stretch and Pre-stretch pallet wrappers with PLC controls and very simple push button operations.

Shrink Wrap and Packaging Machines
DFC Packaging provides and extensive range of shrink wrapping equipment and can also offer a fully serviced and maintenance support program, for all packaging machines sold.

The Range of Shrink Wrappers includes:

  • Automatic Shrink Wrappers - L-type shrink wrappers and shrink tunnels available in many sizes and simple to operate
  • One step shrink wrappers - Easiest method of shrink wrapping, the one step shrink wrappers are designed for PVC and POF shrink films. Supplied with a trolley for mobility or can be placed on a bench top
  • Semi Automatic Shrink Wrappers - The 336-p shrink wrapping machine can perform at 8-15ppm and is suitable for PVC and POF shrink films
  • Side Sealers - 76-15 sealers are ideal for high speed production and are capable of up to 60ppm, these shrink wrappers can be custom built to suit your individual requirements
  • Flow Wrapping Machinery- DFC Can also offer a wide range of Flow Wrapping Machinery, with machines that they custom build to suit your product anything is possible
  • Tray Sealing Machinery - They have a range of tray sealing equipment, from smaller manual type machines to more fully automated in line type units
  • Pizza/Pasta topping applicators - Working closely with one of the largest manufacturers of premium food processing systems in the USA, with a focus on sanitary design, ease of cleaning and simple operation. 
  • Vortex Cook Chill - Another avenue of DFC is that they are the Australian representative for D2 Food Systems, with a well respected and established reputation in the world market, for cook chill systems they are glad to be associated with this venture.
For further details on what is on offer please contact their office or visit their website for more information. DFC Packaging Group of Companies information and contact details


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31/01/12 - DFC Packaging Group of Companies presents the NSV200 – TES high speed automatic sleeving machines suitable for round, square or irregular shaped bottles.
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23/06/11 - Vacuum chamber machines or vacuum packing machines available from DFC Packaging Group of Companies are designed to evacuate the air around perishable goods during packing to extend shelf life.
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17/06/11 - Available now from DFC Packaging Group, the 700 Rotary Tray Sealer is a portable yet highly solid machine designed and built for all sectors of the food industry.
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