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Scimitar series of rack-mount sine wave inverters from Dewar Electronics

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Dewar Electronics  has announced that Unipower Corporation has released a new series of rack-mount sine wave inverters that will find wide application in telecoms systems.

Scimitar series are 1U high, 1kVA and 2kVA sine wave inverters designed for 19in rack systems and capable of producing a 115 or 230VAC output from a 12, 24 or 48VDC power source.

Each sine wave inverter provides a low distortion 50 or 60Hz sine wave produced by a digital signal processor (DSP) controlled power circuit using an advanced high frequency, pulse width modulation (PWM) technique which achieves efficiency levels as high as 92%.

An integral static switch allows the user to connect a utility or another AC power source which can then be automatically switched to the load if the sine wave inverter fails.

Output voltage and frequency can be programmed either from the front panel or via an integral RS232 interface and the unit's digital display provides the user with an instant indication of the inverter's status.

Front panel indication is provided for inverter status and relay alarm contacts are available on the rear panel. The modules are cooled by internal, variable speed fans.

All Unipower Corporation Scimitar sine wave inverter models meet the requirements of all relevant safety standards including UL60950-1, CSA22.2 No. 60950-1 and EN60950-1. Scimitar sine wave inverters are RoHS compliant.

These 1U high sine wave inverters provide a versatile solution for the most demanding telecoms systems, particularly those that need a clean low distortion power source.

Typical applications:

  • Wireless base stations
  • Central office power
  • Solar and wind power
  • Utility substations
  • Battery backup systems
  • Data centre power
  • Other telecom equipment

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