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DEWAR Electronics Pty Limited is the official distributor for ReLab Software in Australia and New Zealand.

Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Interoperable—Intelligent Industrial Automation Software

ReLab delivers world-class industrial automation software that enables customers to implement robust automation solutions faster and more effectively. The SCADA, OPC, HMI, communication, and integration software use superior technology that is fully interoperable with industry-standard solutions. ReLab's automation solutions provide flexibility to meet unique needs and challenges of multiple industries.

ReLab delivers interoperable, standards-based solutions that dynamically scale and upgrade power grids to meet needs for today and tomorrow. ReLab’s software bridges the gap between legacy systems, new communications protocols and state-of-the art digital technologies so you can cost-effectively meet the challenge and address the new realities of the today’s power grid.

ReLab Software can quickly integrate new power sources and technologies with interoperable, standards-based solutions that are easy-to-use and can reduce the time to integrate new digital control technologies by as much as 70%. Using the IEC-61850 communications protocol, we eliminate the need to know multiple protocols and provide effective, modernized operational control, data acquisition and device protection.

ReLab meets the needs of modern industrial automation and control systems with an interoperable, standards-based approach that integrates and controls your power and manufacturing systems through a single solution. That means only one system to learn and maintain. And your critical power quality and manufacturing status is easily accessed and controlled through a single user interface. By using widely accepted standards such as OPC, COM, ActiveX, and ODBC, we even provide seamless integration with your business applications.

ReLab benefits
  • ReLab's standards-based interoperability solutions let you build automation and protection and control systems that combine best-of-breed software and hardware to meet today’s demand for dynamic grids.
  • Because ReLab solutions have no I/O limits, you can add new generation sources to metering, control and protection systems without added software expense.
  • ReLab servers, drivers and controllers are scalable and interoperable to easily accommodate new sources and technologies.
  • Our Software Logic Controller bridges the gap between existing systems and modernization components.
  • Our IEEE C37.118 OPC Device Driver is the only one on the market to support synchrophasor implementation for large-scale monitoring of grid stability and safety factors.
  • ReLab’s easy-to-use software reduces new device programming by up to 70%.
  • ReLab solutions are fully compatible with IEC-61850 communications protocols so engineers can quickly meet the needs of the modern substation.
  • ReLab delivers more effective control over automation devices to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize your carbon footprint.
  • ReLab's standards-based interoperability can integrate best-of-breed software and hardware to meet the demands of today’s dynamic grids.
  • ReLab integrates control systems for power, manufacturing, production, and chemical processing into a single user interface.
  • ReLab power control systems can manage any size power grid, including local power supplies, to ensure the highest reliability.
  • ReLab solutions can proactively shift power loads and adjust manufacturing systems when power supplies deteriorate.
  • With a single integrated system for power and industrial control, you save time and money in equipment, training, installation, and maintenance.
  • By supporting OPC, COM, ActiveX, and ODBC standards, device information from ReLab solutions can be integrated with business applications.
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Supplier news
20/04/12 - Dewar Electronics has been appointed the Australian and New Zealand Distributor for ReLab Software.
Supplier news
08/05/09 - The Dewar Electronics model 666 current transducer has proven to be a sturdy instrument for harsh environments. Connection is through ¼” BSW zinc plated studs which are of great advantage for large hands when performing positive connection with larger wires and preferred by many power authorities because of this feature.

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