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Dewar Electronics supply Lantech IP Ethernet products for Industrial network solutions. The Lantech Group strives to provide high quality networking equipment with great service world-wide.

Their network software and hardware delivers a range of diverse applications and services.

Commercial and Industrial Grade Networking Solutions
Lantech Ethernet Products are designed for commercial and industrial application with global transition support. Universal Ethernet services are available for the following purposes:
  • Rail Train System
  • Building Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Bus Network
  • Tunnel Traffic Monitoring
  • Wind Power Monitoring
  • Power-Substation
  • Offshore Platform
  • Cruise Liner
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • ISP Infrastructure
  • Surveillance
Industrial Switches and Converters
Lantech provides entry-level industrial switches, SNMP managed industrial switches, media converters, PoE products and device servers for industrial applications.

For commercial clients, Lantech design several products with the following benefits:
  • Rugged, Certified and Durable – IP-30 enclosures that pass safety tests including Industrial EMI, Shock and Vibration
  • -40°C to 75°C operating temperatures available with some products
  • Stable, Organised, and Reliable – Pro-Ring allows an auto-recovery-path within 10ms, during network fail-over
  • Up to 250 switches can be put in a ring for more efficiency and reliable performance
  • Dual-Homing feature ensures two X-Ring groups provide redundant back up when connected to a backbone switch
  • Couple Ring and Dual Ring ensure network recovery protection between two X-Ring groups
  • For network security, all Lantech Ethernet switches and products can be set for back-up masters in X-Ring
Lantech design their Ethernet device with their client’s requirements in mind and are always looking to improve on their products and service. Dewar Electronics information and contact details

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07/05/12 - Manufactured by Lantech and now available from Dewar Electronics, IPES-0008 unmanaged industrial switches are designed for use in tough environments where only 24V DC power is accessible.
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12/07/11 - Dewar Electronics offers Unipower Telecom’s INV1048 & INV1548 Series 1kVA & 1.5kVA sine-wave inverter modules.
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26/05/10 - Dewar Electronics has introduced the GarrettCom Magnum 6KM Mobile Ethernet Switch which is purpose-built to withstand shock and vibration in harsh mobile environments.
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01/02/10 - Most of the Magnum 6K line of Ethernet switches, which have always enjoyed a reputation for toughness and reliability in harsh environments, have been tested and are now DNV certified.
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07/12/09 - Dewar Electronics have available Unipower Telecom’s INV1048 & INV1548 Series 1kVA & 1.5kVA sine-wave inverter modules which are available with 2-unit shelves.
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