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The importance of efficient order fulfilment and the right choice of picking technologies

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What is Order Fulfilment?  

Order fulfilment is taking and selecting what the customer wants from bulk the items. It may involve supplying pallets of goods (full pallet) taking cartons from a pallet (full case) or items from a carton (split-case). Order fulfilment is labour intensive, accounting for up to 90% of costs in a distribution centre environment.      

Picking Productivity  

Analysis of many order fulfilment operations highlights a multitude of non-value adding tasks. The picker is paid to pick, but also often has to perform non-productive task. They need to collect their picking instructions and the equipment they need, find the stock location, inspect the stock to ensure it is correct, pick the items required, check and mark the order.  But mostly they travel from location to location.      

The best way to improve order fulfilment productivity is to tackle the non-productive tasks and the biggest opportunity is travel.  Knowing that there are non-value adding tasks is one thing. Knowing what to do about them is another.  

There are many solutions on the market. Each has merit, but how does one decide which solution is best for a business?      

A number of picking technologies have been developed to reduce non-value adding tasks inherent in this process. With years of experience, Dematic experts can help develop fast, accurate, and cost-efficient order fulfilment strategies for different products and order profiles, reducing transaction costs and giving a competitive advantage over other suppliers.       

Dematic has a comprehensive portfolio of picking technologies such as Voice Picking, Pick-to-Light or RF Picking offer effective solutions for both fully automated installations and manual warehouses.      

A new generation of technologies and software support our customers in achieving their targets. Dematic's expertise has helped numerous customers around the world to see picking not as cost factor, but as a source competitive advantage with high savings potential and a rapid Return on Investment.      

Benefits of Picking Technologies:   

  • Improved order accuracy   
  • Faster order fulfilment   
  • Increased labour productivity   
  • Improved customer service   
  • Reduced congestion  

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