Managing Complicated Distributed Control Systems with Delta Process Automation Technology

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Process automation today is mainly applied to the chemical, metallurgy, water treatment and oil refining industries.

Automation systems are used to manage complicated processing procedures for more efficient operations. 

Delta offer industry revolutionising systems in stability and processing at each stage of operation

Distribution control and system stability are two crucial factors in processing as each stage of the operating process directly affects the results of the output. Relying on manpower to manage each process separately lowers operating efficiency and increases safety concern, which is why process automation is the best solution for process control applications.

Process Automation by Delta for programmable control, configuration and high stability

Delta Industrial Automation is devoted to automation and control technology and provides highly efficient and reliable products.

  • Programmable controllers 
  • AC motor drives 
  • AC servo drives 
  • Human machine interfaces 
  • Temperature controllers  

In addition, various function blocks, an abundant selection of extension modules and a variety of industrial network modules facilitate the connection with different industrial network systems to accurately monitor every stage of the process. This achieves an efficient safe operation, stability and seamless connection production to satisfy all applications.

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