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Steep Feed (Aluminium) Circular cold saws from Delahenty Machinery

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Delahenty Machinery offers the steep feed circular cold saw, an automatic circular saw designed to cut aluminium and light metals with high accuracy.

The Steep Feed Circular Cold Saw cuts from 0º to 45º left and right with its head bending 45° on the vertical axis to allow inclined cuts. A hand-wheel locks the head on all angles and an electronic driver programs  all operations by means of the keyboard.

The following are some of the technical features of this circular cold saw:

  • Cutting cycle: after setting the cutting length and the number of cuts, a trim cut is performed, then the bar is cut till the end of the program
  • Feeder with 200 mm opening, maximum stroke 530 mm, minimum stroke 2,5 mm (minimum scrap-end 355 mm); selection of the number of cuts (1-9999) and the feeder strokes (1-29) by means of the keyboard;
  • Manual selection of the cutting length with digital reading and decimal nonius
  • Pair of front pneumatic vices with quick clamping, free to move alongside the worktable, vertical pneumatic vice
  • Upper roller to cut more bars in a row
  • Complete blade protection
  • Safety switch on the feeder guard; protection on the unloading side
  • Floor stand with removable tank and chip collector, connection element to unloading side
  • Lubrication system with spray working only during the cut, air filter/reducer/lubrication group
  • Main switch with minimum tension coil, emergency button, thermic and magnetic motor protection, motor absorption device, 24V low tension

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