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Hannsa Vertical Machining Centres from Delahenty Machinery

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Established in 1964, Delahenty Machinery is a specialist manufacturer and importer of tube Manipulation and cutting Machinery for a wide range of industries including Automotive, Furniture, Structural, Mining, Petrochemical, Marine and 4WD amongst many others.

The Hannsa Vertical Machining Centres are part of the tooling and spare parts range of products supplied by Delahenty Machienry and are available with either linear bearing guideways or machined box slideways.

The Linear bearing vertical machinery centres feature standard 4 base linear ways to enhance rigidity and stability for long term use as well as BT40 Spindle 100% balanced tested for high speed and high precision cutting. These machinery centres offer laser calibration for precision positioning and ballbar circular interpolation accuracy calibration. Pre-tension axes avoid deformation and a full cover prevents dust and water from entering the centre.

The Box Way Vertical Machining Centres provide similar features to the linear bearing centres and present ATC Carousel/arm, strengthened column base and full telescopic covers to avoid the entrance of dust.

Both models are subject to factory set precision tests with criteria more stringent than the standards set by ISO.

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