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PowerPC 8641 Processor XMC / PMC Board with 4GB of Flash

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Interface Concept’s IC-Se6-XMCa is a PrPMC or XMC (Vita42) mezzanine card based on the Freescale MPC8641, available from Dedicated Systems Australia . This processor integrates e600 core, built on Power Architecture technology. MPC744X based boards software will run directly on the IC-Se6-XMCa.
IC-Se6-XMCa can be used in conjunction with Compact-PCI, VME carriers or proprietary design. Many highly integrated applications can be used on-board : Extensive processing power—Embedded network control—Signal processing, etc.

Processor Unit includes:

  • e600 cores running at 1GHz with :
  • L1 caches : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data with parity
  • 1MB of L2 integrated cache
  • 1-GByte SDRAM-DDR2 with ECC
  • 128-MByte soldered MirrorFlash
  • Up to 4GB of Nand Flash
  • PPC Real Time clock and four 32 bit-timers
  • 1-MB BSRAM and Calendar clock with supercap backup.
  • Temperature sensor and monitoring
  • Four DMA engines.
  • Enhanced Programmable Interrupt Controller .

  • I/O subsystem
  • 64-bit PCI or PCI-X (100MHz) Rev 2.2
  • Optional PCI-E x4 ( or SRIO x4)
  • Three Ethernet 10/100/1000TX ports with :
  • Support for Jumbo frames
  • One port is routed to front RJ45 and two on rear Pn4 connector
  • Dual UART GPIO
  • I2C

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