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Creative problem solving and Scorecard workshops from deconstantin & associates

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Workshops conducted by deconstantin & associates include CPS workshops, Scorecard workshops, Strategic planning workshops and culture gap workshops.

The purpose of CPS (creative problem solving) workshops conducted by deconstantin & associates is to assist the managers and their workgroups to tackle the business problems that are inter-related. This workshop also helps in implementation and generating fresh ideas for improvement.

During this creative problem solving workshops, deconstantin & associates facilitate workgroups and helps in solving complex business problems and also generate creative ideas through creative process.

Some of the clients who took part include St Vincent's Hospital, ANZ Bank, Melbourne, Wesley Noakes Nursing Service and so on. The process carried out includes pre consultation with the client, engagement letter, assigning pre work, workshops and write ups and also evaluation of the outcomes.

The benefits obtained from this creative problem solving workshops includes breakthrough ideas, bottom line impact of ideas, team utility and cohesion and transfer of IP for future creative problem solving.

Scorecard workshop was conducted to build scorecards of metrics. This scorecard construction starts from top team (strategic scorecards) and then to down in organisations for various workgroups (operational scorecards). deconstantin & associates also offers scorecards to improve the performance of organisation.

A web-based software program is also developed by deconstantin & associates to ensure that the scorecards built during this workshop are used at team level for improving the performance and to embed into business.

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