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Sales force automation system for FMCGs

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SYDNEY-based software developer De Data has released Version 3.0 of its Purveyance field force automation system for distributors and manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

The new version adds the electronic transfer of point-of-sale orders to third party suppliers; the electronic transfer of turn-in/turn-over sales orders through the PEG (Pharmaceutical Extranet Gateway) service; advanced product grading/ranging by category allowing for store specific layouts; extended capabilities to remotely add and delete documents on the mobile devices; and instant field access to Woolworths Limited's WOWlink service.

Announcing the immediate general availability of Purveyance v3.0, Frank De Palo, founder and managing director of De Data, said the new functionality gives FMCG companies greater competitive edge and further empowers field sales and service representatives for increased productivity.

"The new features in Purveyance v3.0 give field representatives more and better information to help them maximise the effectiveness of their roles. Increasingly, Purveyance has lifted the in-store ability of field personnel to best represent their companies, while giving head office management sophisticated but easy-to-use tools to direct field operations."

Purveyance completely does away with paperwork in communications between sales and marketing departments and their representatives in the field. Because instructions, records and planograms can be either sent to the handhelds wirelessly or downloaded over a phone line at any time, Purveyance also overcomes the problem of managers and reps. missing each others' calls. Field feedback and reporting is also completely paperless.

With Purveyance v3.0, FMCG distributors and manufacturers who supply to Woolworths supermarket outlets are now able to send WOWlink data to field reps. electronically, as soon as it becomes available. Thus, field reps see details of non-selling products on a store-by-store basis as soon as they switch on their handhelds where, previously, they would not be aware of a problem until they received a printout through the mail or some other less immediate form of alert.

This gives them the ability to quickly remedy whatever might be amiss - out of stock, damaged goods, poor shelf positioning, failed distribution or other issues - and having done so, immediately report back to management.

Purveyance v3.0 gives field reps specific, store-by-store product ranging showing what quantities of which items within a product range should be on shelf. This enables them to quickly right any incorrect grading and show store managers the visual rationale for their doing so.

Electronic point-of-sale ordering enables field reps. to place orders, from their handhelds, for gondola, clip strip and other point-of-sale promotional materials. On noticing during a store visit that an agreed promotion is inadequately equipped - damaged display bin, empty brochure tray or other - the field rep can call up the details of the third-party supplier of the materials and trigger replacement or replenishment.

PEG Access allows for the transmission of turn-in/turn-over sales orders to wholesalers who work through the Pharmaceutical Extranet Gateway. These include API, Mayne and Sigma.

Purveyance v3.0 adds additional capabilities to remotely deploy documents and folders to the handheld as well as remotely delete documents and folders. Such documents might include leave applications, planograms, forward planners, TV commercials, product images, staff training manuals, travel requests and spreadsheets for things such as expense reporting.

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