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Dawson Consulting provides tactical and operational services

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Tactical and operational services are offered by Dawson Consulting which include freight services, warehouse and distribution operation and logistic process redesigning and transport operations.

Warehouse and distribution centre operations are also carried out by Dawson Consulting. The objective of this distribution centre audit is to identify opportunities for improving the productivity and for achieving cost reduction. This audit can be carried out in conjunction with the client’s management or can be carried out individually. This service also includes preparation of tender and system evaluation and selection.

Dawson Consulting has wide experience in the field of planning, research and implementation of information technology systems. This information technology can be either offline or real time and it includes purchasing, inventory management, warehouse management and materials required for planning.

Freight management services include management of service agreements and drafting and implementation of the service agreements.

Logistic process redesign offered by Dawson Consulting includes purchasing, production planning and marketing, storage, sales and delivery to the customer. Process mapping is the first step which begins with mapping or documentation of present processes and costing of component parts. There are certain tests carried out by Dawson Consulting to map and measure the logistic process.

Gap analysis is done to highlight the areas that are improved, once current processes have been mapped and assessed. The resultant re designed process includes incremental improvement and complete redevelopment from the ground up.

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