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Wind Turbine Generators available from daWm

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Specialist in green energy solutions, water recycling and grey water systems, daWm introduces the Wind Turbine Generators, designed to generate electricity by extracting energy from the wind.

Small turbine generators are most suitable for remote, fairly windy locations free of trees, and they require a fairly high wind speed for electricity generation applications. Small wind turbines might generate between 1 and 3 kilowatts of electricity for household use, at maximum. 

Wind turbines work best in a steady breeze. If a small turbine is mounted on a roof, the turbulence generated by the roof may significantly reduce the power available, vibration can lead to structural problems, and there may be problems with noise 

Generally, wind turbines are best mounted on a mast away from the home as high as practically possible. The energy generated by the generators is alternating current of variable amplitude and frequency. The output power is converted to DC using a rectifier and cabled to the house it can be used to charge batteries or converted back to 230V ac using an inverter. Inverters can be grid connected or stand alone.

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