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Safety light curtains protecting every aspect of the production floor

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article image SG4 EXTENDED Type 4 safety light curtains

Safety light curtains from Datalogic are designed for machine safeguarding and access control applications in dangerous industrial environments.

Datalogic offers a complete line of Type 2 and Type 4 safety light curtains featuring basic and advanced functions, with the range including integrated muting, override, blanking, cascadable and configurable models. The opto-electronic presence sensing capability of safety light curtains ensure safety for operators in various industrial applications.

Datalogic safety light curtains find application in automotive, packaging, metalworking, woodworking, electronics, and automation applications.


SG2 BASE safety light curtains offer a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution for applications requiring the use of Type 2 safety sensors with hand or arm resolution, and automatic restart.


A range of Type 2 safety light curtains with hand and arm resolutions, SG2 EXTENDED monitors heights from 150mm to 1800mm, with 19m maximum operating distance.


SG4 BASE is a range of Type 4 safety light curtains with finger and hand resolution and basic functions such as manual/automatic reset mode and EDM. This range is ideal for applications that need simple installation, wiring, configuration and use without complex functions.


SG BODY COMPACT (BASE and MUTING) are Type 2 and Type 4 safety light curtains featuring a compact profile size for body protection, and 2, 3 and 4 beams with 500, 800, 900 and 1200 mm controlled heights.


Featuring a sturdy housing and an innovative optical-electronic platform, SG BODY BIG (BASE and MUTING) safety light curtains ensure the high-level performance required in the material handling industry.


SG BODY REFLECTOR (BASE and MUTING) are body protection Type 4 safety light curtains consisting of one active and one passive part to reduce installation and wiring time and costs.


A Type 2 safety light curtain, SG2 MUTING features hand resolution, and is designed for applications that require muting function. Monitoring heights from 300mm to 1800mm, the safety light curtain has compact section dimensions and zero dead zone, and offers quick and easy pushbutton configuration.


A Type 4 safety light curtain, SG4 EXTENDED offers finger and hand resolution that perfectly combines ease of use with application flexibility, reliability and performance. Offering protection from 300mm to 1800mm height, the range also features totally zero dead zone and series connection of up to three units (cascade); total and partial muting, fixed and movable blanking guaranteeing full application coverage; and choice of basic and advanced configuration modes to suit common and complex applications.

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