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Datalogic releases new ultrasonic sensor models

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article image Datalogic’s US18 ultrasonic sensor is suitable for clear object detection

Datalogic Automation has introduced a new line of ultrasonic sensors featuring an M18 right angle mounting barrel housing as standard.

Datalogic’s US18 ultrasonic sensors achieve the foreground and background suppression function, allowing direct detection of the object within a selected range, setting minimum and maximum distance limits through a teach-in pushbutton or a remote teach input.

The detection range is set manually or automatically thanks to the auto-window function, covering a maximum detection area from 50 to 500 mm.

Datalogic’s US18 ultrasonic sensors are suitable for clear object detection, inspection on transparent or highly reflective film, and liquid level measurement applications.

The new M18 right angle US18 sensor combined with the existing M18 tubular US18 enhances the Datalogic US series, offering a more comprehensive range of solutions in a standard M18 barrel mounting for applications such as liquid level measurement where photoelectrics struggle because of target translucence and environmental light reflection.

Key features of Datalogic’s US18 ultrasonic sensors include standard M18 mounting barrel housing; 50…500 mm background and foreground suppression; teach-in push-button or remote input for distance range setting; auto-window function; standard M12 4-pole connector; PNP or NPN outputs; and IP67, NEMA 6P rating.

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