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Novagard LM100 available from Danisco

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Meat processors in Australia and New Zealand have gained access to a new tool for efficient food protection. In June this year, FSANZ approved the use of Nisaplin, the commercial preparation of nisin A for use in cooked, Ready-To-Eat meat and poultry, sausages and cured meat products.

This approval now provides manufacturers a valuable opportunity to replace chemical preservatives in meat products, while improving the level of food safety and protecting shelf life. Oppenheimer, recently launched into the Australian market, Novagard LM100.

Novagard LM100, produced by Danisco , is a proprietary blend of heat-protected nisin A, rosemary extract (Rosemarinus officinalis) and sodium diacetate. Together these ingredients act synergistically and are an effective solution against gram positive bacteria and oxidation.

Not only does the dry system make it easy to handle, it offers a cost effective alternative to the manufacturer seeking to both kill and control growth of Listeria monocytogenes, and it can help improve shelf life of meat products.

Together with other food safety hurdles, this ingredient can help meat manufacturers strengthen their brand image among consumers and maintain the high quality of their meat products over an extended shelf life. Other benefits include less spoilage losses, fewer product recalls and a reduced need to use chemical preservatives, such as nitrites, nitrates and sorbic acid.

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