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Danisco utilise Phyzyme XP 10000 TPT/L feed enzymes in poultry feeds

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The EU Commission has granted Danisco Animal Nutrition authorisation for the use of Phyzyme XP 10000 TPT and Phyzyme XP 10000 L in broiler, layer, turkey, duck, sow, piglet and grower/finisher feeds.

Phyzyme XP 10000 is a highly concentrated phytase feed enzyme that contains 10000 FTU phytase/g. Phyzyme XP is a new generation E. coli phytase feed enzyme. Trials have shown that this E. coli phytase offers more value compared to ‘traditional’ fungal phytases.

With Phyzyme XP 10000 TPT, pig and poultry producers throughout the EU, can enjoy the benefits of a phytase feed enzyme heat stable to 95°C (203°F).

The Thermo Protection Technology (TPT) developed by Danisco applies a coating to the phytase enzyme. This enzyme delivers protection to the high temperatures that occur during the feed pelleting process, while rapidly releasing the enzyme activity in the animal’s gut without compromising animal performance.

Independent pelleting trials conducted at Technological Institute, Kolding, Denmark showed consistently high stability after conditioning and pelleting at temperatures up to 95°C (203°F).

According to Niels Otto Damholt, Regional Sales Director, Danisco Animal Nutrition, Phyzyme XP 10000 TPT is a free-flowing, dust-free phytase granulate that can be used easily in the vast majority of feed processes.

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