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New conveyor drive reducer has improved thermal capacity

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article image Posired Advanced range of three stage helical gearboxes has outstanding mechanical performance and increased thermal capacity
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The Posired Advanced series of three stage helical gearboxes recently made their debut on the Brevini Australia stand at the 2013 AIMEX exhibition.

Featuring improved thermal capacity and excellent mechanical performance, the Brevini PIV conveyor drive reducers offer users the capability of opting for smaller-sized gearboxes than normally required. The new Brevini PIV conveyor drive range has been designed for the rigorous requirements found in the bulk material handling and mining industries.

The increased thermal performance and higher mechanical efficiency provided by the gearboxes are attributed to the modular thermal system. Feature highlights of the new conveyor drive reducers include an axial cooling fan with higher flow rate for better cooling of the gearbox, an advanced lubrication system, and an integrated mechanical oil pump that improves bearing life and increases thermal capacity. 

Key benefits of the new Brevini PIV conveyor drive range include increased oil change periods up to 7,500 hours, and up to 15,000 hours for synthetic oils; contactless seals in both input and output for greater efficiencies and improved heat capacity; active cooling fins on cover plates on both sides and the top of the housing for better air-cooling, with the finned covers providing an expanded surface area and including integrated oil pipes for bearing lubrication; and gear teeth optimised to provide higher torques with less power dissipation to improve thermal capacity. 

Posired Advanced gear units are available in sizes 31 to 85 and ratios 18 to 112, with lower ratios available on request. The new series provides output torques of up to 940,000 Nm. Available options include back stops, external cooling systems and double extended shafts. 

Brevini Australia also offers conveyor tuning kits and modular thermal systems as retrofit options to existing Brevini PIV units.

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