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Brevini Australia releases new winch drive series

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Brevini Australia has expanded its product offering with the release of two new winch drive series.

These gear units, with rotating outer casing, are designed for fitting into the winch drum.

The PWD series is used in applications of up to 12 tons and the SLW-SCW series for those over 12 tons.

The new winches are part of the upgraded Brevini series of gear units, using new design and manufacturing processes.

They replace the previous RAF series winch gearboxes improving on the latter’s performance and also extending the gearboxes’ application range.

These winch drives feature two flanges located close together: one is bolted to the fixed winch frame and the other is bolted to the drum serving as its first support.?

The drum and winch frame come in any shape and size: the only engineering restriction is the spigot on the flange coupling, when fitted.

The winch drives are attached to the drum, with bolts inserted from the motor side to permit easy, immediate access to filling, level and drain plugs.?

Through the use of caterpillar seals, all units are protected against adverse environments and can be given added protection against corrosion, with an epoxy coating.

With these winch drives, Brevini Australia provides OEMs with a standard product that can be adapted to suit specific sizes. This means that lighter and more compact winches are achievable.

The performance of the PWD and SLW-SCW has been rated in conformity with FEM M5 standards, with an output speed of 15 rpm. These are the widely accepted standards on the market for self-propelled and onboard cranes.

All gear units are equipped with a hydraulically operated, multi-disc negative lamellar brake.

All gear units are designed and manufactured using Brevini’s proprietary software BreCalc, which is not only powerful, but also, verifies gear units in conformity to manufacturing standards and can be adjusted for any specific operational situation

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