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Better design, optimise and manage industrial processes through the application of data analysis, modelling and simulation, automated monitoring and intelligent diagnosis, and risk analysis technologies.

Continuously improve control performance with PlantTriage™
  • Increase production
  • Save energy
  • Find root causes
  • Improve quality
  • Stabilise the process automatically
Tune control loops with ExperTune’s award winning PID Loop Optimizer
  • Reduce tuning time from hours to minutes per loop
  • Test different tunings in simulation
  • Connects with all major controllers
Support alarm management initiatives with LogMateAMS™ Alarm Management System
  • Archive alarms, events, and operator actions
  • Alarm and event based KPI engine
  • Statistical analysis of alarm activity
  • Alarm rationalization and operator knowledge base
  • Design and maintain optimum alarm settings
  • Compatible with every major DCS and HMI
Implement advanced alarm handling techniques with OASYS-AM to modify alarm properties and/or represent condensed alarm displays using model and/or process related alarm relations.

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12/07/13 - LogMateAMS, available from Daesim Technologies is an efficient and user-friendly alarm management system designed for effective and safe operation of any manufacturing facilit

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