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Powerful stepper motors from Daanet

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B&R is expanding its range of products to include additional high-performance standard devices for the automation industry - with five new 86 mm flange stepper motors (NEMA 34) that have holding torque values ranging from 4.0 to 13.6 Nm. The design and control enables high-precision and cost-effective positioning without an encoder system. The 80MPH series stepper motors with an 86 mm flange as well as the 56 mm 80MPD series motors are among the most powerful motors currently available on the market in regard to holding torque and length.

Equipped with an aluminum housing, the new NEMA 34 stepper motors are able to transport thermal power dissipation with the lowest possible thermal resistance. This considerably reduces heating of the motor, which increases the lifespan of the bearings. As critical components, B&R places great value on adherence to the highest quality standards when selecting the ball bearings.

The close-fitting seals not only protect against oil loss, they also generally prevent dirt particles from penetrating, which ensures that the lubricant is working at full efficiency. This even prevents oil loss when operating at high speeds. The optional IP65 upgrade with built-in clamp for the back of the motor makes wiring easier and permits use in particularly harsh environmental conditions.

The outstanding dimensioning of the components enables the stepper motors to handle high longitudinal and transverse forces. The stepper motors can be delivered with or without an encoder system. The mechanical robustness of the magnetic encoders ensures trouble-free operation in industrial applications and therefore offers customers maximum reliability. 

These five new 86 mm flange stepper motors are available from DAANET .

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