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Danish company Secomea (Secure Communication Made Easy) have launched their secure remote access solution in Australia, appointing Daanet as their distributor.

Providing so much more than a VPN or RDP, the Secomea solution creates a transparent yet highly secure channel over the internet or mobile network between the remote client terminal and the local network or host. Comprising a local SiteManager™ interface, the cloud based GateManager™ and the client LinkManager™ application, the Secomea solution realises the following benefits over other methods:

  • With custom pre-configuration by Daanet, user setup takes just 15 minutes
  • Using existing LAN internet access or the 3G modem model, there is no need to involve the IT department
  • 2 Factor authentication and AES encryption ensures access is restricted to authorised users
  • The remote computer sees the site equipment as if it were locally connected – there is no need for an intermediate site PC
Various Ports for Flexibility
Unique in the market to Secomea, the SiteManager™ is available with a USB port for accessing lower end PLCs for example. This is in addition to the Ethernet Ports (uplink and device), RS232 Serial Port, and Digital IO. The Secomea solution provides for accessing virtually any type of device almost anywhere.

Cloud based GateManager
The secret to the simplicity of the Secomea solution is the GateManager. This service does all the heavy lifting to remove the configuration complexity typical of competing approaches. There is no need to worry about IP addresses, TCP Ports, or encryption settings, a common source of error and frustration.

The GateManager also enables remote configuration, email & SMS alerts, and provides an automatic backup of the SiteManager configuration, allowing a replacement device to be restored remotely and in service quickly.

The Secomea solution shows that secure remote access can be flexible, reliable and easy to configure. DAANET information and contact details


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