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Metal acoustic barriers and noise barriers from dB Acoustics

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dB Acoustics  manufactures various acoustic barriers ideally suited for road and rail systems. Acoustic barriers designed by dB Acoustics are efficient and effective in reducing traffic noise. These acoustic barriers thereby enable freeways to be built even in densely populated centres of urban areas. These barriers offered by dB Acoustics are also ideal for places where roads and houses are situated in close proximity to each other.

Additionally, dB Acoustics manufactures metal barriers, which are more advantageous compared to conventional concrete barriers. These metal barriers from dB Acoustics have narrow and lightweight construction which enables these barriers to be built in confined spaces, bridges and flyovers. They have pleasing look and are also found to be less obtrusive to the surrounding areas.

Noise barriers manufactured by dB Acoustics are intended to reduce noise from airports, road transport and rail transport. These barriers are constructed using dB Modulock panels. Metal barriers are made of galvanised steel and are available with a powder coat finish. These barriers made available by dB Acoustics have been given anti graffiti treatment and are available as either reflective or absorptive barriers. Metal barriers designed by dB Acoustics are available in various colour choices and patterns. These barriers provided by dB Acoustics can be installed quickly and easily and are resistant to fungus and vermin attack.

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