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Acoustic solutions and products for noise reduction supplied by dB Acoustics

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dB Acoustics  specialises in the designing, manufacture and installation of various types of acoustic products. dB Acoustics was established in 1983 and since then it has been serving the industry by providing cost effective and engineered acoustic solutions for solving problems related to noise. dB Acoustics designs and manufactures modular acoustic enclosures for minimising noise produced by machinery.

The different types of products manufactured by dB Acoustics include industrial oven panels, doors, metal acoustic barriers, modular acoustic enclosures, modular cladding and acoustic doors. Metal acoustic barriers offered by dB Acoustics are ideal for road and rail projects, while modular acoustic enclosures designed by it can be used for insulating noise arising from gas turbines, steam turbines and machinery. dB Acoustics also provides functional acoustic solutions to the clients.

Diverse ranges of acoustic solutions made available by dB Acoustics are designed by skilled and experienced acoustic engineers. These acoustic engineers manufacture visually appealing structures which are also efficient in eliminating and reducing noise. The products from dB Acoustics are used in power stations, industrial companies and by the government road authorities of Australia. dB Acoustics has also bagged prestigious contracts including one with Bao Shan Steel, a steel company in Shanghai.

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