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Cyberquery reporting delivers business intelligence

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Reporting from business systems such as those offered by QAD, Infor, iSoft and other ERP or MRP vendors can be difficult and costly. Cyberquery, from Cyberscience Corporation , is an effective solution to fill reporting gaps and enable additional reporting and business intelligence for those who need it most, business users.

Unlike most reporting solutions, Cyberquery does not need a data warehouse or cube to function. Cyberquery simply provides a road map for users to their production data. This is accompanied with a usable and comprehensive interface to assist users to create a report or graph themselves. With Cyberquery’s drag and drop environment, users don’t need to be programmers and importantly, they get fast results. Once the report is developed, it can be deployed to the business via email, through the corporate intranet, through the ERP application or via a web-browser. That’s real Business Intelligence without the cost and without the pain.

Cyberquery has been developed and enhanced with customer feedback over more than 30 years. It is a powerful, yet elegant solution to the reporting and business intelligence problem faced by many organisations and it can be set up and productive in less than a day.

Cyberquery has four key aspects that make it right for reporting: 

  1. Where possible, it uses the fastest ‘native’ method to read data. It also utilises simple and efficient routines to format data the way you want to see it (borders, fonts, colours, highlights, XLS output). 
  2. The Data Dictionary (or ‘Road Map’) lets you describe and present data to the users from a business perspective, cutting through the technical terminology. This means that business people and IT personnel are working with terminology that is relevant to them and their needs. 
  3. The User Interface gives simple drag and drop capability to create a report or graph. You don’t need to know the database or system nor the relationships between the data – simply select what you want to see and how you want to see it. 
  4. Cyberquery includes the scheduling and deployment processes that you’ll need to get information to the people in the business. Choose a web browser or a dashboard with dials and charts. Or schedule an email alert to notify someone that an exception condition has occurred.
Business Intelligence relies on getting the right information at the right time and presenting it in a form that makes sense – business intelligence relies on good reporting capability.

Cyberquery is used by more than 4,000 companies around the world in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, government and utilities. Those who have a reporting or business intelligence need may be interested to find out how other organisations have solved the same or similar problem.

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