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XLamp 7090 XR-E series LED available from Cutter Electronics

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Cree, Inc. represented by Cutter Electronics and a leader in LED solid-state lighting components has released that SureFire, LLC, a leading manufacturer of quality illumination tools has chosen Cree’s new XLamp 7090 XR-E series LEDs to serve as the light source in three new SureFire flashlight models to be introduced in early 2007.

The new Cree XLamp 7090 XR-E Series LEDs produce typical luminous flux of 80 lumens at 350 mA, yielding an efficacy measure of 70 lumens per watt. Cree XLamp 7090 XR-E Series LEDs lead the industry in brightness and efficiency, which are critical features in battery-powered, portable lighting applications. XR-E Series LEDs also produce the high-quality, uniform white light valued by flashlight vendors.

According to SureFire, Cree’s new XLamp LEDs measure 40-percent brighter and 50-percent more efficient than other LED solutions. XLamp LEDs are easy to design into its new flashlight models and provide a pure, brilliant beam of light. Using this new LED from Cree, SureFire is able to design LED flashlights with far longer battery life.

SureFire’s selection of the Cree XLamp 7090 LED for its new flashlights is a significant endorsement of this new class of power LED, according to XLamp power LEDs.

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