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High accuracy temperature sensor

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CUTTER Electronics has released the aSM122 three-lead CMOS Andigilog SiMISTOR temperature sensor for applications requiring high-accuracy, low-power temperature monitoring.

The aSM122 functions like a PTC thermistor but is linear-calibrated, allowing application developers to directly interpret output voltage as temperature without compensating for non-linearity.

It integrates the external resistance required in thermistor-based systems, eliminating a potential source of error. Operating current is less than 14µA, minimising the self-heating error common with thermistors. Unlike thermistors, linearity is guaranteed to be less than 0.8°C, eliminating tables required to interpret thermistor output.

The aSM122 output voltage ramp has a positive slope of 15mV/°C and is accurate to ±1°C at room temperature and ±3°C over the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The aSM122 does not require external calibration. Each device is calibrated at the factory. It comes in a 1.2mm x 1.5mm QFN package.

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