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Long and short term new and used forklift hire

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Custom Forklift Sales  hire department offers long and short term forklift hire, of new and used forklifts, with a wide range of new and used forklifts available, from casual hire to long term hire.

All new and used forklift hire is on a fully maintained basis on a fixed cost for the duration of the forklift hire period.

New and used forklifts brands available include Komatsu, Toyota, Nissan, Crown, Manitou, Yale, Hyster, and TCM forklifts.

Manitou forklift or, as they can be referred to, rough terrain forklift, is another specialist product of Custom Forklift Sales.

Manitou is the leader in rough terrain forklifts and Custom Forklifts offers them for long and short-term rough terrain forklift rental.

Generally, a wide range of used Manitou or rough terrain forklifts and telescopic handler forklifts are available for hire.

All new and used forklifts, are supported by custom forklifts service department. On-site forklift servicing and major forklift repairs are carried out in Custom Forklifts’ workshop.

Spare parts are available for Komatsu forklifts, Toyota forklifts, Crown forklifts, Nissan forklifts, Hyster forklifts, Manitou forklifts, Yale forklifts, and TCM forklifts.

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